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With our extensive fleet of well-maintained and reliable mopeds and bikes, we provide an unparalleled opportunity to explore this enchanting island at your own pace. Whether you’re a thrill-seeking adventurer looking to zip around the island’s scenic roads on a moped or a leisurely explorer seeking to pedal your way through its hidden gems, we have the perfect rental options to suit your needs. Discover the freedom of two-wheeled transportation while soaking in the breathtaking landscapes, stunning beaches, and charming attractions that make Block Island a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Rent a moped or bike from us today and unlock a world of unforgettable experiences on this idyllic island retreat.

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Conveniently located in Old Harbor between the Ferry Docks and Ballards Beach, right on the water. We are closest to the ferry landing, so pickup and drop off are a breeze!
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The comfort and safety of you and your family are our top priority. We have the safest demonstration area on the island and our staff are trained on each of our vehicles to make sure you’re road ready.
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Mopeds, Jeeps, cars, and bicycles… If you can drive it, we’ve got it! Our vast selection ensures that we can accommodate groups of any size, age, and ability!.
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